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2015 Brennan Sankey42 Brennan Sankey27 Brennan Sankey213 Nick Gould59
2014 Austin Renzi45 Devin Spratt31 Austin Renzi225 Evan Packert97
2013 Peter Kummer41 Peter Kummer25 Peter Kummer205 Evan Packert68
2012 Shane LeBlanc41 Shane LeBlanc28 Shane LeBlanc223 John David69
2011 Shane LeBlanc39 Shane LeBlanc29 Shane LeBlanc213 Shane LeBlanc52
2010 Jesse Kummer42 Jesse Kummer22 Jesse Kummer203 Jesse Kummer79
2009 Josh Wainwright47 J. Wainwright30 J. Wainwright245 J. Wainwright187
2008 Kyle Kummer47 Kyle Kummer36 Kyle Kummer266 Brett Poirier80
2007 Matt Barron37 Matt Barron26 Kyle Kummer198 Matt Barron76
2006 Chris Chretien25 Kyle Kummer18 Kyle Kummer134 Kyle Kummer34
2005 Sean Fitzgibbons35 Keith Schantz23 Keith Schantz162 Sean Fitzgibbons56
2004 Mike Kelly32 Mike Kelly21 Mike Kelly166 Paul Corcoran77
2003 Paul Corcoran26 Ricky Boyle12 Ricky Boyle126 Paul Corcoran57
     Paul Corcoran12      
2002 Shaun Vacher40 Shaun Vacher28 Shaun Vacher210 Matt Bussiere110
2001 Tim Stuart35 Justin Deveau28 Justin Deveau171 Kyle Hargreaves109
2000 Vinny Sharma36 Kevin Kelleher27 Kevin Kelleher175 Vinny Sharma137
1999 Jeff Small36 Josh Gagne24 Jeff Small186 Jeff Small65
1998 Mike Berg38 Eric Johnson23 Mike Berg163 Mike Berg83
        Matt Conley163   
1997 Ben Caranci32 Justin Hergt24 Justin Hergt159 n/a 
  Matt Conley32         
1995 Sean Hogan28 Sean Hogan15 Sean Hogan129 n/a 
1996 Ben Caranci31 Justin Hergt23 Matt McKenna148 n/a 
1994 Dan Krawiec33 Dan Krawiec23 Dan Krawiec170 n/a 
1993 Glen Branconier28 Dan Krawiec17 Dan Krawiec133 n/a 
1992 Neal Gouck33 Neal Gouck25 Neal Gouck177 n/a 
  Kevin Hallal33         
1991 Neal Gouck31 Neal Gouck18 Neal Gouck154 n/a 
1990 Dana Kirby31 Dana Kirby17    n/a 
1989 Dana Kirby23 Dana Kirby14 Dana Kirby117 n/a 
1988 Keith Myer17 Jim McCrae10 Keith Myer70 n/a
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