North Attleboro Wrestling

The North Attleboro Wrestling Hall of Fame is where the Alumni and friends of North Wrestling honor the very best from our proud tradition.  The criteria for induction are simple, to be eligible for the HOF you must be 21+ and be nominated at the previous years ceremony.  Anyone at the ceremony can nominate someone that they feel contributed greatly to the North Wrestling family.  Prior to the ceremony, votes from Alumni and friends of the program will be gathered to determine the new inductees
Inducted March 13, 2010
Shaun Vacher
Matt Conley 
Inducted November 29, 2008
Keith Meyer
Mike Berg
Inducted November 23, 2007
Jeff Small
Matt Parker
Inducted November 24, 2006
Glen Branconier
Kyle Hargreaves
Inducted November 25, 2005
Justin Deveau
Neal Sharma
Inducted November 26, 2004
Coach Mark Head 
Dan Krawiec
Inducted January 21, 2012
Dana Kirby    
Sean Hogan
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Inducted March 2015
Coach Tom Taylor
Brett Poirier
Kyle Kummer